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    Imagine the future, built by you.

    Do you not only analyze a situation but look beyond the data and discover possibilities? Do you work problems harder and get intrigued by ‘What ifs’ and ‘Why nots’?

    We’re interested in people who can see the big picture but also understand the importance of disciplined delivery and detailed execution — who really like technology but enjoy interacting with people even more.

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    “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” Working at Thentia, I sense both.

    Tony Shi, Senior Software Developer


    Good regulation has probably saved your life.

    Regulators play a critical role in everyone’s daily lives. They set standards, and enable us to trust one other. We provide a dedicated, state of the art regulatory cloud software solution to help regulators.

    Every day we work with teams dedicated to improving public safety, promoting public good, and striving towards excellence. Join us and put your superpowers to work for good.


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    Posted 8 months ago

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