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Nevada Physical Therapy Board

How the Nevada Physical Therapy Board’s recent implementation of Thentia’s regulatory platform marks a new era of licensing efficiency

Industry: Physical Therapy 
Location: Nevada

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The Nevada Physical Therapy Board, responsible for managing 3,500 licenses annually, encountered challenges in its licensure and renewal process with a legacy solution. In March 2023, the Board made a decisive switch to Thentia Cloud, leading to transformative outcomes. With Thentia Cloud, the Board has introduced a seamless online application and renewal process, signifying the beginning of a promising long-term partnership.

A mandate to protect the public

The mission of the Nevada Physical Therapy Board is to protect and promote the health and safety of Nevadans by pursuing the highest quality of physical therapy practice through education, communication, licensing, legislation, regulation, and enforcement. Based in Las Vegas, the Board oversees 3,500 licensed physical therapists and physical therapist assistants across the state of Nevada.

Throughout much of its recent history, the Board relied on a legacy system to help manage its regulatory process that fell short of expectations. The decision to move in a new direction came after careful consideration and evaluation of the previous system’s limitations, the current and future needs of the Board, its licensed professionals, and the consumers of physical therapy services.

Implementing a new licensing platform

To begin with, the process of revamping a licensing system is no small task. A considerable amount of planning, testing, and data migration was involved. Yet, the Board was laboring under the need to provide a more efficient service, and this was their driving force. As a result, they implemented Thentia’s Cloud’s regulatory software system with some interesting results.

Thentia offers a better regulatory platform packed with functionality

In selecting a new software provider, the Board prioritized certain key features and requirements, recalls the Board’s Executive Director, Charles D. Harvey. “Firstly, we sought a system that would streamline and enhance the licensure and renewal process, reducing manual efforts, and eliminating unnecessary paperwork. This would result not only in greater efficiency but also ensure that licensed professionals can start practicing sooner, benefiting patients in need of physical therapy services.”

Additional requirements included a user-friendly interface, data security and privacy, and the ability to easily track, manage, and report licensee information, including compliance with continuing competence requirements, violations, and consumer complaints. Another top priority was for advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, to streamline the creation and submission of regulatory reports, and provide the Board with real-time data analysis to enable better decision-making and reduce the risk of non-compliance.

Harvey adds that one of the key stand-out features of Thentia Cloud is its ability to automate various tasks involved in the licensing process. This includes the submission of applications, tracking their progress, and generating license approvals. By automating these steps, the platform not only saves time but also minimizes errors and inconsistencies that may occur in a manual process. Additionally, the platform provides a centralized portal for applicants to submit and manage their documents, eliminating the need for physical paperwork and reducing the chances of document loss or misplacement. It also includes a secure online payment system, allowing applicants to conveniently pay their licensing fees digitally.

Thentia Cloud makes powerful
regulatory software to help you
manage your board. Learn more

Online Applications

of license applications & renewals completed online

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Nevada Physical Therapy Board
How the Nevada Physical Therapy Board’s recent implementation of Thentia’s regulatory platform marks a new era of licensing efficiency
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Faster and more accurate license applications and renewals

Although still in its early stages, the benefits thus far have been tangible. From an often-arduous licensure process fraught with administrative overhead, the Board is experiencing a notable shift in its operations.

Today, 100% of applications and license renewals are completed online. And, while applicants still have to provide the same information, they can do so through a self-service portal that makes it easier for them to access the information they need and to submit applications and renewals electronically.

For the Nevada Physical Therapy Board members, the software offers a comprehensive dashboard that provides real-time updates on the status of applications. This enables them to efficiently review and process applications, ensuring a more streamlined and timely response to applicants. Moreover, the regulatory licensing software enhances transparency and accountability by maintaining detailed records of all actions and communications related to the licensing process. This feature helps in efficient tracking and auditing of applications, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

A promising future ahead

Harvey believes that the Board’s decision to select Thentia as their new software vendor marks an important milestone for the Nevada Physical Therapy Board. “It demonstrates our board’s commitment to embracing technological advancements benefiting not only physical therapists and physical therapist assistants, but also the public. By harnessing the power of technology, we are ensuring that our Board can fulfill our regulatory role effectively and efficiently, promoting the highest standards in the field of physical therapy.”

While the initial benefits of using Thentia Cloud have been encouraging, it’s what’s yet to come that Harvey is most excited about. “I appreciate Thentia’s commitment to continuous improvement, which is something I’m passionate about. Thentia has been extremely responsive, has taken our feedback seriously, and is constantly working to improve its product.”

Ultimately, Harvey sees a bigger opportunity. “As regulators, we face very similar challenges. I can envision a scenario in which we use the same solution to address those challenges while sharing real-time data.”

“Thentia has the potential to be the north star to help states and jurisdictional boards navigate the licensing, renewal, and regulatory landscape; I’m excited to be part of that journey.”

Charles D. Harvey, Executive Director
Nevada Physical Therapy Board


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