Leadership Spotlight with Sapandeep Hundal

In our Leadership Spotlight series, we sit down with members of our leadership team to discuss everything from the importance of powerful leadership influence in the tech industry, to of course, the path that led them to Thentia. In this month’s instalment, we chat with Thentia’s Director, Quality Assurance – Sapandeep Hundal!

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Thentia’s leadership team is a diverse and exceptional group of professionals who have brought major influence to not only the company’s direction, but to their own teams. Those teams make up Thentia’s structure, functionality, and culture and contribute to our success. In our Leadership Spotlight series, we sit down with members of our leadership team to discuss everything from the importance of powerful leadership influence in the tech industry to of course, the path that led them to Thentia.

This month, we spoke with Sapandeep Hundal, Thentia’s Director, Quality Assurance.

From growing up in a small town in India to receiving an opportunity to move to Canada as a skilled worker – Sapandeep has worked hard towards achieving her goals. She has been a key player for Thentia since joining the company back in 2018 as a Quality Assurance Analyst, now leading a strong team of  Thentia’s QA Analysts across North America.

As a computer sciences graduate and ISTQB certification tester, her first job as a lecturer in an engineering college is what helped her slowly move towards the IT and tech space. Soon after, she started her journey in testing.

Residing in Toronto, Sapandeep loves to spend time with her kids and is a big fan of staying up to date with the latest smartphone trends and technology.

Tell us how you got started at Thentia? What about the GovTech/SaaS industry excites you?

Joining Thentia was one of the best decisions of my life. I started as a Quality Assurance Analyst and after some time, I was promoted to Team Lead and eventually to Director, Quality Assurance – my current role.

Under my leadership, the QA team grew from two people to 11 people. I am proud to say that my team is very hardworking and plays a major role in the company, as we all work together towards the important and common goal of maintaining the quality of our product.

What part about Thentia’s company culture do you enjoy the most?

At Thentia, I enjoy working in an environment where people exhibit close-knit camaraderie, strong work ethics, and true competence.

Trust is important to me, and I feel secure knowing my colleagues share these same values. Thentia’s core values of integrity and teamwork are two of my favorite parts of our culture, as they motivate everyone to work harder.

How do you stay motivated and how do you motivate your team?

I believe that making sure your team feels heard is crucial. As a leader, it’s important to listen and adapt. Working mostly remotely can be tough sometimes, so re-adjustments can become necessary to fit the team’s overall needs for motivation and productivity.

Motivating team members is important and recognition plays a significant role in achieving this. When team members feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to work efficiently in pursuit of common and personal goals at work.

Additionally, I organize formal and informal discussion sessions as they are needed. Conversations about work or personal goals really help me achieve team satisfaction.

What about Quality Assurance are you most passionate about?

There are so many things to be passionate about when it comes to Quality Assurance at Thentia. Quality assurance plays a pivotal role in enabling organizations to launch top-notch products, reduce financial losses, optimize time, and unlock the full potential of their ideas.

In testing, ensuring customer satisfaction is paramount to delivering glitch-free and user-friendly products. Our most vital role is keeping customer happiness a top priority.

Bonus question: Do you have a favourite tech product?

My smartphone is my favorite tech item as it enables me to always stay connected with my colleagues and efficiently accomplish tasks. Smartphone technology, in general, is incredibly versatile and serves as a valuable asset in many different aspects of life.

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