Patient safety, digital transformation, and more: What’s new in Ascend Magazine

What do leaders in health care regulation have to say about the lingering effects of COVID-19? How can regulators use digital transformation to tackle challenges both new and old? We look at this and more in Ascend’s latest monthly digest.

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The lingering impacts of COVID-19 have kept health policy at the forefront of conversation in the world of regulation per se. From staff shortages to health worker burnout and beyond, pandemic-related concerns continue to challenge regulators everywhere.

This month, Ascend Magazine sat down with several guests from the world of international health care regulation to discuss patient safety, regulatory centralization, the promise of technology in regulation, and much more.

A conversation with NCSBN’s David Benton

In our three-part interview series with David Benton, CEO of the National Council of State Boards for Nursing (NCSBN), we discuss his long and winding career in health care regulation, which has taken him from Geneva to Madrid, London, Chicago, and beyond. We also discuss the use of AI in regulation and touch on topics such as risk and resilience, looking at the way these ideas have changed in the wake of the pandemic.

Patient safety in health care regulation

We also took time to speak with Dr. Marie Bismark, who has established herself as a leading expert on patient safety both in Australia and in the world of health regulation at large. In a wide-ranging conversation with Ascend Magazine Editor Paul Leavoy, Dr. Bismark visits topics such as mental wellness, sexual misconduct, and the impact of COVID-19 on health care workers.

Check out the first and second parts of our written Q&A series or listen to the full Ascend Radio interview here. Better yet, read Ascend Writer Ariel Visconti’s comprehensive breakdown for additional insight on the record levels of burnout in health care and the steps regulators are taking to address the issue.  

Regulatory centralization and international health policy

In yet another Ascend Radio interview, we spoke with Martin Fletcher, CEO of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra), who took part in one of the largest efforts toward regulatory centralization since the turn of the century.

We discuss the formation of Ahpra and the challenges faced by Australian health regulators as well as the ways agencies from different corners of the world can learn from each other in their efforts to ensure quality care.

More from Ascend Magazine

Want to learn more about recent day-to-day happenings in the world of regulation and digital government? Check out the most recent installments of our weekly regulatory briefing:

From the Thentia Blog

It’s not just Ascend Magazine, either. In our blog, we cover Thentia’s participation in the 2022 CLEAR Annual Educational Conference as well as the issues that dominated conversation throughout the three-day forum. We also explore some of the more complex challenges associated with governing real estate – a field that often involves a dizzying number of stakeholders and pre-existing regulations.

Digital transformation for regulators

Finally, our latest whitepaper delves into the mechanics of digital transformation for regulators, including how agencies can utilize software to set themselves up for success in their endeavor to protect the public. Learn more about the practical considerations of this process in Ariel Visconti’s “Embracing Digital Transformation: How Regulators Can Launch a Successful Digital Transformation Journey.”

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Latest Blog Posts

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