2022 in review, our most-read content, and more: What’s new in Ascend Magazine

Ascend’s last monthly digest of 2022 looks at the biggest news stories that made headlines this year in the world of regulation and digital government, Ascend Magazine’s most-read content of the year, and more.

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In our last monthly digest of 2022, we take a look back at the biggest news stories that made headlines this year in the world of regulation and digital government, recap Ascend Magazine’s most-read content of the year, explore insights from regulatory experts Harry Cayton and David Benton, and more.

Cannabis licensing, health care labor shortages, and more: What made headlines in 2022

As themes like health care labor shortages, cannabis licensing, cryptocurrency regulation, and cybersecurity concerns dominated the headlines, 2022 saw no shortage of news around regulatory licensing and digital government. But what were the biggest recurring themes of the year? To answer that question, the Ascend Magazine content team combed through hundreds of news stories about regulatory issues from the U.S., Canada, and around the world to compile the five biggest themes in regulation and licensing from 2022.

What were Ascend Magazine’s most-read articles of 2022?

Ascend Magazine covered a lot of ground in its inaugural year. In addition to providing in-depth analysis on topics ranging from cannabis licensure in the U.S., to use cases of data virtualization in regulation, to the history of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), we also featured some of the most prominent voices in regulation from around the world – including David Benton, Dr. Marie Bismark, and Martin Fletcher. In our final article of 2022, we looked back on the year to recap the five articles that most fascinated our readers.

David Benton on health care regulation, technology, and risk

As an independent, not-for-profit organization that brings nursing regulatory bodies together on matters of public health, safety and welfare, and nursing licensure, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) has a sweeping mandate. NCSBN staff – led by CEO David Benton, who has four decades of experience working at the forefront of nursing regulation in the U.K and North America – work tirelessly to foster cohesion and cooperation among nursing regulators. On the latest episode of Ascend Radio, Benton joined host Paul Leavoy to discuss technology in health care regulation, the upcoming next-generation NCLEX exams, regulating support workers, and much more.

Regulation must be both preventive and compassionate: Cayton

Modern regulators are increasingly adopting a preventive approach to regulation – that is, regulation aimed at stopping harm before it happens rather than dealing with it after the event. Compassionate regulation argues that interventions by regulators should be supportive, not punitive, constructive not destructive and, like preventive regulation, the emphasis should be on education, remediation, and health— not on complaints and discipline. In Ascend Magazine’s latest Voices article, regulatory expert Harry Cayton writes that the outcomes sought by both preventive and compassionate approaches to regulation are right and proper, but they will not be achieved before we deal with two fundamental flaws in the structure of professional regulation.

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Goals of Professional Regulation


Goals of Professional Regulation

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