Leonard Fernandez joins Thentia to further expand and grow Thentia Cloud Payments

The payment processing specialist brings to the table a wide breadth of experience and hopes to drive adoption amongst existing Thentia Cloud clients, who are sure to benefit from a more comprehensive service solution.

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Leonard Fernandez, a payment processing specialist with over 10 years of experience in the field, has joined the team at Thentia to further expand and develop its payment processor, Thentia Cloud Payments.

Leonard comes to Thentia from a background in human capital management and an extensive career in payroll management, including stints at both ADP and Bank of America Merchant Services. Following these roles, he was recruited into a payments role within the burgeoning industry, working for companies like Greenbits and Blaze, before accepting his role with Thentia.

For Leonard, the opportunity to work in an established and fundamental field like government regulation just seemed right. The initial goal for the payments service, which is still within its first year, is to drive adoption amongst existing Thentia Cloud clients who will benefit from an all-in-one platform experience.

What is Thentia Cloud Payments?

With electronic payments as critical as they ever have been, regulators everywhere want simple, economical payment processing, but many find themselves overwhelmed and unsure of which vendors to choose. Enter Thentia Cloud Payments. With this solution, Thentia hopes to create a processing system that meets the everyday needs of agencies everywhere without the often-extortionate fees.

Combined with Thentia Cloud, Thentia Cloud Payments offers an enticing software partnership option for regulators of all sizes. With everything under one roof, including the licensing software and the adjacent payment processing software, agencies can receive quality customer service from people who know their work at a high level and achieve more economic transaction costs.

“There’s a huge void in the market we operate in,” Leonard says. “Current payment models are outdated and might not suit the needs of regulators.”

Currently, Leonard is focused on developing an understanding of Thentia’s clientele. He says relationship building is fundamental to success. This includes “cultivating relationships, being consultative, and digging deep to see where exactly an organization wants to be in years to come.”

Smart, straightforward pricing

One of Thentia Cloud Payments’ defining characteristics is its simple and transparent pricing model. In the work of government regulation, every dollar is precious. Thentia Cloud Payments offers fees starting as little as 2.65% per transaction, with no setup fees or convenience fees charged back to users. It accepts all major cards and mobile wallets as well as international cards and other payment methods.

Users can make payments from anywhere – either online, over the phone, or in person. The service uses rigorous fraud mitigation and security measures to protect every stakeholder involved in the payment process. The system can generate customizable invoices and receipts for customers as well as comprehensive reports and analytics for regulatory staff.

It’s not just about processing payments, either. According to Leonard, another step forward Thentia Cloud Payments can take is integrating with the existing accounting software government agencies use, thereby minimizing back-end errors during manual data entry and ensuring every dollar and every transaction is accurately accounted for.

Learn more about the platform

Thentia Cloud Payments was designed to co-exist with Thentia Cloud, an industry-leading, end-to-end platform built for regulators, by regulators. With more than 9 million active licensees on the platform, Thentia Cloud helps regulators simplify, automate, and centralize all critical regulatory functions to save them time and money.

Thentia Cloud Payments works as an extension of the functionality offered by Thentia Cloud. By integrating licensing and payment processing software into one platform, regulators can guarantee stronger relationships with their software partners, saving money and implementation time all along the way. To learn more, book a chat with our team or schedule a demo today.

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