New payment processor for public sector, Thentia Pay, to slash costs for regulators

Thentia Pay to enable regulators and public sector organizations to process payments at significantly lower cost with zero convenience fees

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Toronto, January 12, 2022 – Leading GovTech software as a service (SaaS) company Thentia today announced the launch of a new payment processor that will help regulatory clients using its leading licensing platform, Thentia Cloud, as well as other government and public sector organizations that collect online payments, save money, capture more revenue, and eliminate paper-based payment processes. The new service, Thentia Pay, provides a seamless and secure way for licensees and constituents to pay fees, with reduced transaction costs and zero convenience fees.

“Introducing Thentia Pay is an important part of our ongoing mission to provide the best service and functionalities possible to help regulators and government agencies digitize and streamline their processes,” says Julian Cardarelli, CEO of Thentia. “Thentia Pay was designed with regulatory processes and requirements top of mind. We’re proud to offer this new service to free up time for regulators and government agencies to focus on their important work while providing a secure and seamless payment experience for their users that will save them money, all while offering them a better experience for their licensees.”

Thentia Pay will be available as an optional add-on to Thentia Cloud for existing Thentia clients, but also as a standalone service for government and public sector organizations looking to cut costs associated with processing payments. While transaction costs with other payment solution providers are typically around 2.9% and higher, transaction costs with Thentia Pay start as low as 2.65%. Thentia Pay also eliminates convenience fees charged back to citizens, typically costing around $0.30 or more per transaction.

Cardarelli says, “Collecting payments from licensees has traditionally been a major pain point for regulators – especially during busy renewal periods – as it often requires chasing down checks, reconciling manual payments with paper or digital records, and complicated audit procedures.” He adds, “This new service improves that entire experience for both the regulator and their licensees by digitizing payments and providing a fast, convenient, and secure way for licensees to pay fees within one easy-to-use platform, at a very low cost to the regulator.”

The new service also improves the entire customer experience for Thentia clients by centralizing everything with a single trusted provider, eliminating the need for regulators to use a third-party payment processing solution. With Thentia Cloud and Thentia Pay, customers will have access to data in a centralized platform and to one single customer support desk.

More information to be made available soon. For immediate inquires, contact our sales team.

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