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As more regulators choose to move their systems to the cloud, how can they know which vendors to choose? And what separates Thentia Cloud from the rest? We look at this and more in our latest blog post.

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Over the past 20 or so years, more and more government leaders around the world have discovered the incredible potential of utilizing cloud-based technology for their daily work.

Before the development of cloud computing, regulators and private enterprises relied mostly on physical data centers to store and process their network information.

Beyond this, many regulators also leveraged (and continue to leverage) manual systems like paper forms and paper checks, which can cost government agencies countless hours, resources, and personnel costs.

When people refer to “the cloud,” they refer to the use of the internet to store, share, and protect data. While certain private cloud service providers might use on-site data centers, the information itself also exists within the framework of the internet, which makes it an attractive option for those trying to save money on hardware and software resources.

What does cloud technology mean to regulators?

Many of the benefits of cloud-based technology for regulators are obvious – a cloud-based system, for example, can allow government leaders to consolidate and access resources in one centralized location.

Because information technology has developed at different rates among different regulators, many officials find themselves burdened with discrete, siloed data systems, which can cost government leaders time, money, and personnel resources in their efforts to access and process this information. Cloud-based technology can change all of that.

Many regulators faced a challenge when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, struggling to quickly accommodate a shift to remote work for most employees. Government agencies increasingly turned to cloud-based tech providers for their minimal service disruptions and ability to deliver immediate access to data from all ends.

We live in a regulatory world that often demands instant results, and government officials are learning that cloud-based technology can be one key to facilitating that. Enter Thentia Cloud.

What is Thentia Cloud?

Thentia Cloud is a cloud-based licensing software designed to meet the needs of regulators across North America. Its software solution, though coded specifically for use by regulators, is configurable enough to allow any given regulator to ensure the software aligns with their current licensure process.

More than that, Thentia is an organization built by experts with real, front-line regulatory experience, which means users have access to a level of wisdom and expertise they won’t find anywhere else.


With Thentia Cloud, government leaders can more efficiently allocate their resources away from time-consuming, paper-based processes. It is a web-based, mobile-enabled software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that uses low-code software for rapid deployment.

Thentia Cloud automates licensing and permitting for professionals, businesses, and other entities, and its solution is configurable to the point where the software can align with any regulator’s licensing process.

Using the cloud to carry a set of centralized data that can be shared across state and federal agencies, Thentia Cloud also leverages state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures to ensure high levels of security across the board.

Its centralized database is instantly accessible from multiple ends (licensee, regulatory employee, etc.) and its use of cloud-based technology guarantees virtually no lag time for any end user. The infographic below demonstrates some of the most common modules used by regulators in Thentia Cloud to streamline their day-to-day processes:

Thentia Cloud module infographic

By eliminating paper and postage costs, cutting down on administrative spending, and lowering IT costs, Thentia Cloud allows regulators to redirect their resources and staff toward matters that require human work and judgment.

Licensees will see their applications processed much more quickly, sometimes in a matter of minutes, and the software also offers time savings on the regulator’s side through automation and validation.

Simply put, Thentia Cloud is a software solution designed to bring licensing (and many of its adjacent processes, like complaint investigation) into the 21st century.  

Unmatched customer support

The benefits of Thentia Cloud are not only limited to the technical realm. As many regulators can attest, the relationship between a regulator and a software vendor can sometimes be more important than the functionality of the software itself.

  • Regulatory expertise: As a platform built by regulatory experts, for regulators, Thentia offers an unparalleled level of customer support from individuals with real front-line experience.
  • Online service desk: Thentia’s 24/7 online service support system allows regulators and licensees to reach out at any time for assistance with all aspects of the software.
  • Dedicated account managers: Utilizing a staff of trained, experienced account managers, Thentia Cloud can deliver a level of personalized customer service regulators will not find anywhere else.
  • Multi-language support: With a multi-lingual staff on hand, Thentia Cloud can offer personalized support to regulators and licensees from myriad linguistic backgrounds.


Hear why regulators choose Thentia Cloud

Don’t just take it from us – Thentia Cloud has worked with regulators across North America to streamline licensing processes, cut costs, eliminate paper-based processes, and redirect precious resources toward matters that require real human input. Take, for example, the following case studies:


In 2021, Thentia Cloud became the state-supported software provider for digital licensing in Oklahoma. With a new office opening in the heart of Oklahoma City, staff will be able to serve clients even more directly in Oklahoma and other states in the Central U.S., and with new functionalities and modules planned for the future, Thentia Cloud’s potential as a configurable automated licensing solution only grows stronger every day.

By migrating their systems to Thentia Cloud, government leaders across North America can take even better advantage of the wealth of data at their disposal, harnessing analytics, licensing automation, and more in their overall effort to serve the public interest.

To learn more about how data-driven technology can benefit regulators in their day-to-day work, read our recent whitepaper, The Promise of Data-Driven Regulation.



Latest Blog Posts

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