Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers shares their digital transformation, Presented with CLEAR

See how the Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers (BLSW) elevated their decision-making capabilities and streamlined licensing in this webinar by the Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR).


60 Mins

Webinar type

Case Study & Demonstration 


Randy Harnisch,
Executive Director, Oregon State Board of Licensed Social Workers

Dr. Sheila Marchant-Short
VP, Regulation, Thentia

Presented with

"We have employees now with the time, ability, and materials to make a different level of decision than they were making before. Previously we were just pushing paper. "

With an outdated legacy licensing solution system that was highly dependent on the support of the original developer, the Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers (BLSW) became concerned that the system could fail at any time. In this webinar, BLSW’s Executive Director, Randy Harnisch shares his experience of moving to Thentia Cloud and the drastic improvements it has made to how the BLSW operates  

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