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Our Mission:

Modernizing the world of licensing, agency by agency.

When we worked as licensors, we saw the same problems from the frontlines of licensing: slow and outdated technology, manual processes, paper-based systems, lengthy renewal periods, and agencies held hostage by costly tools. And the list goes on.

Knowing there was a brighter future for licensors and licensees alike, we created a modern, elegant, secure solution that gave power, confidence, and efficiency back to the agencies that serve the public.

That solution is Thentia Cloud.

Our approach

Our approach differs from traditional technology providers. Instead of telling you what you need, we start by asking, listening, and learning to better understand your unique systems and challenges. From there, we draw on our frontline industry experience to define the right solution for your agency: one that melds best practices, industry experience, and your unique requirements.

Of course, although licensing processes may look similar across organizations, no two are alike. We also know licensing is not a static field and requirements constantly shift according to evolving legislation and industry developments. In light of that, we’re your trusted partner through the complete solution lifecycle, from consultation to implementation to success, and beyond.

Our process

When we engage our clients, we start by thoroughly analyzing key requirements and configuring our solution to match their exact needs. Our clients get an ideal solution that maps to existing workflows, is effortlessly adopted by users, and results in no interruption to day-to-day processes.

Critically, we are known for rapid implementation timelines and universally successful deployments. Upon assessing your requirements and timeline, we will deploy with speed and ease, getting you up and running on a new system that optimizes processes and eliminates repetitive manual activities.


Thanks to Thentia, OREC is now operating in the 21st century, and we are extremely proud of the application and renewal system they’ve built for us.

Bailey Crotty, Deputy Director
Oklahoma Real Estate Commission (OREC)

Our Team

Licensors with frontline experience

We’ve been able to build the best solution for licensors around the world because we come from the frontlines of licensing ourselves. Our experts understand licensing processes inside and out and they know how Thentia Cloud can transform the licensor’s role to one of efficiency and possibility.

Our Offices

US-Based, Global Presence

Thentia Cloud can be found everywhere, from coast to coast across the continental United States, to throughout North America and beyond. Accordingly, we have team members in all regions, ready to ensure your efficient deployment and sustained success 24/7, whatever your time zone.

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