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Thentia cloud makes regulation easy

One platform to power healthcare licensing, permitting, and enforcement.

Re-defining and modernizing how healthcare agencies work by streamlining and digitizing each step of the regulatory process – from registration, renewals, and payments to complaints and inspections.


The expertise that Thentia already had with regulatory boards across the United States and Canada, and the team knowing what we needed and allowing us to add more to it were huge factors– I was sold, and so was our board.

Beth Kidd, Executive Director

Oklahoma Board of Chiropractic Examiners (OBCE)

Learn how OBCE saved 35+ hours/weekly


Thentia is powering digital transformation for over 90 healthcare regulators across North America

Dr. Sheila Marchant-Short

Managing Director, Healthcare Regulation, Thentia

We are former regulators. We understand healthcare.

When we say for regulators, by regulators, we mean it! Not only do our experts understand the health care industry and challenges it faces, they are also pivotal in guiding product innovation.

A single solution for all your stakeholders.

Whether you’re looking to regulate healthcare professionals, institutional providers or medical facilities and equipment, Thentia Cloud has you covered. Our highly configurable, end-to-end software enables you to manage the unique requirements of your many license types in one centralized platform.

Less busy work, more policy work.

Will your agency be able to keep up with the growing demands?

Maximize your staff’s productivity with Thentia Cloud. Our platform enables healthcare regulators to work smarter not longer. By automating the routine, repetitive tasks, Thentia Cloud reduces the manual staff intervention required for day-to-day operations.

Boost application accuracy.

Free your inbox from the 100s of incomplete applications. Built-in data and document validation at each step not only greatly reduces data entry errors but also ensures only those applications that meet eligibility requirements are submitted. 

Turn data into insights on demand.

We help healthcare regulators break free from data silos so you can unlock the power of the abundance of data you collect daily. The solution consolidates all pertinent data, creating a single source of truth with a complete 360° licensee and institution profile for your staff and external partners.

With Thentia Cloud, agency staff can not only build reports on demand, but also get access to over 35 preconfigured reports at their fingertips. Paired with data visualization features, staff can quickly make sense of information and draw intelligent insights

Connecting Your Healthcare Tech Ecosystem

At Thentia, we don’t think you should be using valuable time shuffling through multiple screens and platforms finding and manually entering data. Our robust APIs help you interface with your most used tools – everything from state and national directories to continuing education and exam providers.

Transform The Licensee Experience While Reducing Call Volumes

Our web-based, self-service portals put the power of information in the hands of your licensees, patients, and the public.

Robust Online Public Registry

Increase public transparency by quickly searching for any occupational licensee or institutional provider based on any data held in the database. READ MORE  

Automate and Simplify Communications

Automatically send transactional emails and notifications to licensees throughout the application and review process. READ MORE

Self-Service Profile & Account Management

Licensees can easily download digital license or registration certificates, request verifications to be sent to other jurisdictions, quickly update their personal information, get invoices, and make payments – all without staff intervention. READ MORE

Centralized Digital Complaints Form

Submit, track, and manage complaints online with automatic notifications upon status change. READ MORE

calls reduced

reduction in phone calls related to licensing applications.
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