We make sure your launch is seamless and efficient – so you can focus on the job of regulation.

Our purpose-built solution for regulators makes it quicker and less costly to launch compared to most other solutions on the market.

Our trusted advisors will get you up and running with ease.

For nearly a decade, our team has served as trusted advisors to regulators. They understand regulation, and they know each deployment is unique. Our 5-step process will ensure the smoothest possible launch.

1. Start

Once we start, we firstly ensure that we are involving all necessary stakeholders and define their roles and responsibilities. We will work closely with you to develop an implementation timeline that meets your needs. You will be introduced to a project team which includes your project manager, business analysts, and implementation support staff. This team will provide you guidance and support throughout the complete implementation process. 

2. Plan

During the planning phase, the project team will work with you to plan and organize the requirements for your organization as well as the timing required for the most seamless deployment for your project.

3. Configure

During the configuration phase, Thentia’s implementation team will configure the project’s key components, such as your licensing forms. We will ensure that your use and implementation of Thentia Cloud meets all the needs specified during the planning phase. 


To ensure the smoothest possible launch, Thentia will lead the training of all involved team members. Through our training, we can ensure your needs have been met while providing a seamless process to ensure your team is confident and equipped to use the platform with ease. Our team of experts will also ensure that your organization will be fully leveraging the platform’s capabilities. 

5. Go Live

Finally, Thentia will develop a launch plan to provide coordination. A final go-live meeting will confirm that all needs have been met and that your organization is ready for launch. We can also review the warranty period and additional service support that’s provided immediately following the launch. 

Thentia provides support from people you can trust.

Thentia’s in-house and local support team are true product experts and offer 24/7 support through our ticketing system as well as phone support during business hours.

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Our highly configurable software enables regulators to manage all their regulatory requirements within one centralized, highly configurable platform.


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