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Taking the busy work out of real estate licensing and permitting.

Streamline processes, automate the routine tasks, and digitize the manual paperwork with Thentia’s all-in-one licensing and permitting solution built for regulators, by regulators.



We were instantly blown away by the product and just how much more sophisticated it was compared to the big giants in the agency licensing cloud software space. Everything wowed us—the aesthetics, functionality, automations, security, and integrations.

Grant cody, Executive Director

Oklahoma Real Estate Commission (OREC)

Transform the licensee, public, and staff experience.

As an agency regulating real estate licensing, there’s no reason to do everything manually or rely on cumbersome paper-based processes. At Thentia, we’re modernizing the way real estate regulators work by streamlining and digitizing each step of the regulatory process so you can offer expedited turnaround times for everything from registration and renewals to complaints, inspections, audits, and appraisals.

Say yes to Thentia’s digital-first platform and make same-day application approvals a reality for your agency.

A single licensing platform for all your real estate stakeholders.

Thentia Cloud is your one-stop shop for regulating real estate salespeople, brokers, auditors, inspectors, and more. Our highly configurable software enables you to manage the unique requirements of several different license types in one centralized platform. The solution also consolidates all pertinent data, creating a single source of truth with a complete 360° licensee and broker profile for your staff and external partners.

Leave the mundane tasks to us.

We understand there’s no shortage of work or requests when it comes to real estate regulation, but at Thentia we want you to break free from the time-consuming tasks involved in day-to-day operations. From license issuing, transfers, and releases, to setting license expiration dates, approving CE credits, sending reminders and more, our platform reduces the manual staff intervention required by automating the tedious, repetitive tasks so your staff can achieve more in less time. 

Validation through the application process also prevents incomplete applications from ever hitting your back-office staff’s desk.

Mitigate unlicensed activity.

Thentia Cloud gives your staff the gift of time so you can refocus your agency efforts on what matters most: enforcing licensing law, reducing complaint resolution time, and performing routine audits so you can provide the highest level of public protection. Our complaints and case management module provides your agency and the board with full transparency to ensure complaints are being investigated in a timely manner.

We’re also changing how your agency operates by empowering you to proactively manage risk: 

Data and reporting at your fingertips.

Getting the full picture of your agency has never been simpler. From projecting income to seeing trends and creating custom reports based on licensee criteria, Thentia Cloud can do it with ease. Thentia’s reporting module takes the guess work out of finance. Our configurable reporting with detailed breakdowns makes scheduled remittance filings easy as well as lets agencies know funds are hitting right where they need to be allocated.

Give managing brokers the insights they need to better manage their teams.

Your agency never has to be the bottleneck of delays for brokerages. Our broker portal not only enables managing brokers to access all the information they need but also creates a seamless approval process between brokerages without ever needing manual intervention from agency staff.

With Thentia Cloud, managing brokers can:

Bring all your data together under one platform with integrations.

At Thentia, we don’t think you should be using valuable time searching through multiple systems to find and manually enter data. We integrate with your most used tools – everything from ARELLO®’s national database to the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System, and education providers like Pearson view. 

Reduce customer service wait times and call volumes.

Our web-based self-service portals put the power of information in the hands of your licensees, brokers, and the public.

Robust Online Public Registry

Our web-based self-service portals put the power of information in the hands of your licensees, brokers, and the public. READ MORE  

Automate and Simplify Communications

Automatically send transactional emails and notifications to licensees throughout the application and review process. READ MORE

Self-Service Profile & Account Management

Licensees can easily download digital pocket cards, quickly update their personal information and trade names, update CE credits, access invoices, and make payments – all without staff intervention. READ MORE

Centralized Digital Complaints Form

Submit, track, and manage complaints online with automatic notifications upon status change. READ MORE

calls reduced

reduction in phone calls related to licensing applications.


Thentia is powering digital transformation for regulators across North America.

We appreciate the important work that regulators do and recognize that no two agencies are the same. We believe technology should empower government agencies to do their best work, never acting as a barrier or an obstacle.

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