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Cannabis regulation and licensing made easy.

Scale your agency for growth while ensuring public safety with Thentia Cloud. Our all-in-one software transforms and modernizes the way you manage cannabis licensing, permitting, and enforcement through one centralized platform. Thentia Cloud is highly configurable and designed by regulators so it can meet all the unique needs of your agency.

Managing over 8.5M active user licenses

Thentia is powering digital transformation for regulators across North America.

We appreciate the important work that regulators do and recognize that no two agencies are the same. We believe technology should empower government agencies to do their best work, never acting as a barrier or an obstacle.



“Thentia has been a tremendous partner to work with thus far, evidenced through their industry expertise and leadership throughout the process of implementing our organization on Thentia Cloud.”

Adria Berry, Executive Director

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA)

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A single, integrated end-to-end solution built for regulators, by regulators.

Whether you’re providing medical licensing or permitting businesses for production, distribution, or retail of cannabis, Thentia Cloud has your agency covered. Our highly configurable platform centralizes, digitizes, and automates every aspect of your agency’s tasks so you never miss important SLA’s.

Increase application accuracy while cutting processing times.

Thentia Cloud streamlines and accelerates the cannabis application and renewal process. Our dynamic, workflow-based engine navigates licensees through an easy step-by-step process based on their selected licence type, so your staff can be assured that the right information is collected, every time. Combined with data and document validation at every step, Thentia Cloud catches all incomplete applications before they hit your inbox, so valuable staff time is not wasted reviewing partial applications.

Rapidly make changes as the industry scales and evolves.

As a young industry, regulatory and compliance rules are always evolving, and as a regulator, keeping up with the changes can often be challenging. With Thentia’s highly configurable system, you can quickly implement changes to always ensure compliance. Unlike other complicated systems, our drag and drop configurations enable you to make changes within minutes.

Break down data silos for seamless collaboration.

At Thentia, we’re all about breaking barriers and siloes. Our single licensee database streamlines interdepartmental collaboration and breaks down data silos across municipal, state, and federal agencies to create a comprehensive, 360° licensee profile. With interagency data sharing, you can always ensure compliance with automated verification processes that require minimal manual intervention. Additionally, Thentia Cloud can seamlessly integrate to your third-party systems, including seed-to-sale. 

Focus on enforcement, not manual paperwork.

Don’t let manual systems and paperwork create backlogs and increase public risk. Thentia Cloud enables you to digitize the inspections management process, so your team can complete more inspections and have greater visibility to track and manage deficiencies.

Reduce customer service call volumes.

Our web-based self-service portals put the power of information in the hands of your citizens, patients, caregivers, and businesses.

Robust Online Public Registry

Increase public transparency by quickly searching for patient, caregiver, or businesses based on any data held in the licensee record. READ MORE

Automate and Simplify Communications

Automatically send transactional emails and notifications to licensees throughout the application and review process. READ MORE

Self-Service Profile & Account Management

Licensees can easily download digital certificates, quickly update their personal and account information, access invoices and make payments. READ MORE

Centralized Digital Complaints Form

Submit, track, and manage complaints online with automatic notifications upon status change. READ MORE
calls reduced
75% reduction in phone calls related to licensing applications.
Oklahoma Real Estate Appraisers Board
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From the Industry

Our clients have long valued us for our leadership and comprehensive regulatory expertise. By keeping our fingers on the pulse of all things regulation, it is our goal to ensure all variances in client legislation and process are understood and represented accurately.


Serious About Your Success

Our entire team is invested in your agency's success. Period. At Thentia Cloud, our customer success team follows a model where we proactively engage our clients at every step in their journey, even beyond implementation, so that no stone is left unturned.


Customer Led Product Innovation

With a significant share of the professional regulator market in North America using our solution, we continue to learn, adapt, and expand the scope of our capabilities to meet the niche requirements of our industry. We know needs change, and we’re here to support you along the way

Ready to get started?

Let us show you how Thentia Cloud can help you scale for growth by driving greater efficiency while safeguarding public health and consumer safety.

Ready to get started?

Let us show you how Thentia Cloud can help you scale for growth by driving greater efficiency while safeguarding public health and consumer safety.

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