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The Situation

Licensing technology is old, slow and inefficient. You deserve better.

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Too many government agencies rely on manual, paper-based systems and archaic technology to manage data and licenses. Thentia Cloud is changing that, agency by agency 

We’re on a mission to transform licensing technology. We’re building a future where licensors use modern technology to manage data, optimize processes, and improve their reputations by establishing strong public trust. 

At Thentia, we’re more than experts in licensing — we are licensors, with deep knowledge and experience from the frontlines. We’ve built the tools government agencies need to bring licensing processes into the 21st century and better serve the public and licensees alike.

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Trusted by licensing professionals across the US and worldwide

A Modern Licensing Solution

Thentia Cloud enables seamless licensing processes that make sense.

About Thentia Cloud

Thentia Cloud is the secure, modern, and elegant solution agencies have been looking for. With Thentia Cloud, gone are the days of paper applications and renewals, manual systems, and slow payment processes. We bring the entire licensing process into the 21st century with speed, automation, and ease of use.

We provide secure licensing software that scales upward and outward throughout and beyond your organization. We deliver quick, seamless software deployments with no interruption to daily operations, and our user-friendly tools require little training and accompany first-class, end-to-end support services.

About Thentia Cloud


Everything wowed us—the aesthetics, functionality, automations, security, and integrations.

Bailey Crotty, Deputy Director
Oklahoma Real Estate Commission (OREC)

Thentia's Expert Advantage

Developed by licensors with deep licensing experience.

Learn about Thentia Cloud

Thentia Cloud was created by experts from the frontlines of agency licensing who learned the pains of traditional processes from the inside. We built our solution because we saw a better future for licensors and it’s one we now deliver to customers every day.

Each Thentia Cloud user benefits from one-on-one support from professionals with deep domain knowledge. Our experts assess customer needs to shape a perfectly tailored solution that adapts to changing regulatory requirements. We also know every state and territory across the US and around the world faces unique regulatory challenges, and we work with every customer to meet all regional requirements.

The Obvious Choice

Thentia Cloud

A modern solution

Thentia Cloud is the only modern, secure and adaptable licensing solution available and we’re on a mission to modernize the entire licensing profession, agency by agency.

Deep domain expertise

We built our solution from direct experience on the frontlines of licensing and we bring that expertise to every customer engagement across the US and around the world.

Rapid and painless deployments

Our rapid deployments provide an intuitive, scalable, secure solution that’s simple to learn, accessible across devices, and integrated with third-party payment systems, giving clients more time, confidence, and peace of mind.

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