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Why CPMB deployed Thentia Cloud as its first digital professional licensing solution


Industry: HEALTH
Location: MANITOBA
No. of LICENSEES: 2,200

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Founded in 2018, the College of Paramedics of Manitoba deployed Thentia Cloud as the regulatory agency’s first digital end-to-end license management software.

When the Government of Manitoba established the province’s first-ever regulatory organization to oversee practicing paramedics in 2018, it handed the budding regulator a daunting task: organizing and streamlining thousands of paper-based historical licensing records from decades of manually processed license applications and renewals. To meet the challenge and succeed as a trusted regulatory agency, the organization needed the right technology and the right people.

Enter Trish Bergal, a seasoned expert with nearly four decades of experience in provincial healthcare administration. She was soon hired as the inaugural executive director and registrar of the new College of Paramedics of Manitoba (CPMB) and tasked with sourcing, evaluating, and deploying an advanced cloud-based solution to support all aspects of the organization’s IT strategy. This would involve migrating over 6,000 historical paper-based records and a clunky database from years of manually processed paramedic license registrations and renewals. To meet this challenge, Bergal needed the right technology partner. 

A sophisticated professional licensing management software and top-tier team needed to set CPMB up for long-term success

As a registered nurse by training having spent years at the administrator level in inpatient inflow, Bergal already had a comprehensive understanding of the technology landscape and key players in the ecosystem, including Thentia Cloud who among a handful of vendors was invited to submit a proposal for the project of implementing CPMB’s first regulatory licensing platform. 

Bergal says although she closely evaluated proposals from a small selection of vendors, that Thentia’s product, proposal, and team stood out as a clear front runner from the competition. CPMB didn’t just require a modern, sleek, and secure solution to manage its licensee records and data, it was important to the organization to secure a trusted partner with a deep understanding of the regulatory ecosystem and professional licensing.  

What made Thentia stand apart from its peers, Bergal says, wasn’t just the exceptional product but also its world-class team of leaders and innovative thinkers who understood the agency’s unique complexities and challenges that came with customizing a product for a new organization with years’ worth of inherited data. Bergal says it was evident through their prompt responses and detailed answers to technical questions that Thentia had a long-term vision for CPMB beyond just implementing a new solution. Additionally, because the organization had a modest budget and limited start-up funding, Bergal says she was very pleased with Thentia’s quote in comparison to other big tech players who provided astronomical implementation and deployment costs.  

Thentia Cloud makes powerful
regulatory software to help you
manage your board. Learn more


active registrants using Thentia Cloud


transactions processed through Thentia Cloud


new applications processed through Thentia Cloud

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A newly created regulator, CPMB needed a technology provider that could handle organizing and streamlining thousands of paper-based historical licensing records to deliver its first digital licensing solution.


Thentia Cloud successfully migrated all historical records and delivered an all-in-one solution that fully automated CPMB’s application and renewal processes, continuing competence program, and complaint process.

Results since launching on Thentia Cloud in late 2019:

  • More than 2,200 active registrants using Thentia Cloud
  • More than 5,000 transactions processed
  • More than 200 license applications processed digitally


A change-management implementation: Building a licensing management platform from the ground up

CPMB began working with Thentia in April 2019 with the goal of having a fully functional system in place ready for when the government gave the official green light to launch the organization. Despite multiple governmental delays, deployment of Thentia Cloud was executed seamlessly, Bergal says, attributing the success and project efficiency to the team’s deep understanding of regulation and legislation. “I can’t emphasize enough the quality and strengths of Thentia’s team,” Bergal says. “I could quite literally send them language directly out of the legislation, and they’d be able to use that to inform the product design.” 

Although an overall successful product launch, CPMB’s deployment of Thentia Cloud came with its own share of challenges and complications that the Thentia team quickly and efficiently helped to navigate. In particular, CPMB was faced with the added challenge of both onboarding and intaking applications for their entire license base at product launch. With the support of Thentia’s team, Bergal and the organization were able to set up a one-time scenario to facilitate that process and position them for success. What CPMB truly needed was a partner who took the time to understand their complex needs and find a simplified solution that would be efficient and easy to manage for the organization’s end-users who had never previously used a digital solution for licensing renewal. 

Having worked with several third-party technology vendors throughout her career as a health care administrator, Bergal was no stranger to challenging vendor/client relationships. “It’s not uncommon for vendors to be reluctant to understand or meet an organization’s individualized needs – but that was never something we had to deal with Thentia. All of our requirements were accepted and understood without any hesitation whatsoever.”

A knowledgeable team equipped to meet unique and customized needs

When it came to deploying Thentia Cloud at CPMB, “Thentia’s team was always thinking, analyzing and finding ways to improve the product and user experience. I can confidently say they are a true leader when it comes to product development,” Bergal states. “No two regulators work the same, so this was yet another reason why it was critical for us to have a partner that could mold a product to accommodate our unique set of needs.”  

Since CPMB’s deployment in late 2019, the organization now has more than 2,200 active registrants using Thentia Cloud and has processed more than 5,000 transactions without a hitch. In addition, more than 200 new license applications have been processed digitally thanks to software. Importantly, they’ve also had the ability to streamline and automate multiple other functions including its continuing competency program and complaint process, while also having the inherent ability to efficiently export highly customized datasets. 

What positions Thentia as a trusted and leading-edge technology partner for organizations like CPMB who are building brand new regulatory organizations to manage professional licensing truly comes down to the team’s domain expertise in the area of regulation, says Thentia Chief Executive Officer, Julian Cardarelli. “What CPMB truly needed was a partner who could guide and facilitate the process of implementing their first fully digital licensing solution. What makes us great leaders in this industry is our deep domain expertise in the area of regulation. We think about our customers’ needs from the core, giving us the ability to come up with original solutions that truly change the landscape of what’s possible for regulators allowing us to completely revolutionize their operations.” 

Cardarelli adds that although each regulatory body has its own unique set of challenges and customizations, Thentia Cloud is a completely malleable solution and we ensure that every customer we work with has a product that’s built to sustainably serve them both near and long-term. 

“Thentia’s team was always thinking, analyzing, and finding ways to improve the product and user experience. I can confidently say they are a true leader when it comes to product development.”



Long-term partnership: A first-class team offering unparalleled technical support

Bergal says from the moment dialogue started with the team at Thentia that she’s been nothing short of impressed with the first-class customer support she’s received, explaining that the team has always been responsive and overly invested in CPMB’s success. “Thentia gave us the tools we needed to be supported long-term. They are personable, knowledgeable and responsive, and their regulatory expertise is superior.” 

Since deployment, Bergal says the organization continues to receive helpful information from Thentia. “They care enough about our organization integrity to continue supporting us and providing us with helpful information and continued guidance. Thentia makes us feel safe, and we know we have a trusted partner that had and continues to have our back.” 

Last updated: June 2021


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