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    Thentia Cloud benefits

    Information where & when you need it.

    Thentia Cloud provides the opportunity to regulate from wherever you need to, securely. Adaptive graph-based database technology harnesses complex data relationships and evolves them over time as the data changes, through a blend of machine learning and predictive analytics. Essentially, the platform learns to think. The result is that the most intricate and applicable information gets delivered in real time. Reports can be customized to refine and present the data you need, in the format you want, virtually without limit.

    Simplify your workflow.

    Our product includes a comprehensive suite of user modules built in line with the Right Touch Regulation framework. And it delivers these integrated modules with an easy to use stepped process and crystal-clear dashboards. Not only that, but it can be integrated with your other business applications, eliminating paper processes across your organization.

    Avoid risking data breaches.

    We’ve done our due diligence on security, with ISO 27001 certification and SOC Type ll compliant data centers. Our deployments are routinely penetration tested to identify and eliminate potential attack points.

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    All you need,
    in one place.

    Thentia Cloud is a turnkey regulatory platform that powers a comprehensive suite of user modules and portals to support all critical regulatory standards and workflows.

    Made easier by Thentia Cloud:

    • Registration & renewals management
    • Complaints, investigation and enforcement
    • Quality assurance & continuing education
    • Reporting
    • Public register
    • Applicant portal
    • Registrant portal
    • Alerts & notifications
    • Invoicing & payment processing
    • Communication management
    • Third-party integrations

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