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Blog Insight May 18, 2022
Data-driven regulation: How can technology support...

In a data-driven world, status quo approaches to regulation aren’t cutting it anymore. So how can governments capitalize on data-based technology that has dominated the private sector for years? 

Blog Thentia Cloud April 21, 2022
Q&A with Christine McEntire, Executive Director of...

The Oklahoma REAB Executive Director discusses her office’s journey moving their workflow to Thentia Cloud.

Blog Thentia Cloud April 19, 2022
Thentia raises an additional $10M from existing in...

Funding from Thentia’s investors will fuel rapid growth and support the company’s unprecedented expansion across North America.

Blog Insight April 1, 2022
Goals of regulation: Regulatory functions and regu...

Regulators are defined by their function. In this week’s whitepaper excerpt, we break down the types and functions of regulators as well as the ways government leaders can measure their own success.

Blog Insight March 25, 2022
Goals of regulation: Methods of regulation

What are the basic goals of regulation? What are the different ways in which a regulator can endeavor to protect the public interest? We break down this and more in our latest whitepaper excerpt.

Blog Thentia Cloud March 18, 2022
Thentia promotes Natasha Giuffre to position of Ch...

An experienced lawyer with deep expertise in regulation, Giuffre will lead Thentia’s legal affairs and strategy as part of the leadership team

Blog Insight March 11, 2022
The complaint form: What not to do

What can go wrong in the design or processing of a complaint form? We discuss the basic goals and principles that can guide regulators toward a fair and thorough complaint investigation.

Blog Insight March 4, 2022
The complaint form: What to do

The complaint form is fundamental to the process of reactive regulation. In our latest blog post, we look at principles of complaint forms — namely, the criteria they must meet to make for a thorough and fair complaint investigation process.

Blog Thentia Cloud March 2, 2022
Thentia appoints technology services finance execu...

Former Gainwell Technologies Sector CFO to build out Thentia’s finance organization as part of senior leadership team

Blog Regulatory News February 28, 2022
Iowa moves to relax licensing process: weekly regu...

Efforts to ease licensing restrictions make strides in several states in our weekly look at regulatory news.

Blog Insight February 25, 2022
Cybersecurity: Responding to the challenge of cybe...

How can regulators respond to the threat of cyberattacks on their agencies? We look at this and more in our latest blog post.

Blog Regulatory News February 22, 2022
New Mexico moves to streamline licensure: weekly r...

Washington reports further vulnerabilities after a cyberattack, New Mexico moves to ease professional licensing restrictions, Kansas threaders see licensing barriers removed, and more in our Week in Brief.

Blog Insight February 18, 2022
The potential consequences of cyberattacks for reg...

Cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to breach private systems and steal personal information. But what actual consequences do regulators face when this happens?

Blog Thentia Cloud February 16, 2022
Chris Woodill joins Thentia as Vice President, Ope...

Woodill to lead operations and new implementation strategy for Thentia’s enterprise client portfolio

Blog Regulatory News February 14, 2022
Washington cyber-incident threatens data security:...

Cybersecurity, licensing reform, and staff shortages dominate headlines in this week’s look at regulatory news.

Blog Insight February 11, 2022
As cyberattacks climb in the news, regulators need...

As more regulators face cyberattacks, woe to the unprepared. Cybersecurity can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

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