The Chiropractic Physicians' Board of Nevada

How CPBN achieved an 80-90X acceleration in its speed-to-licensure capabilities and experienced remarkable improvements in the license application process with Thentia Cloud

Industry: Chiropractors 
Location: Nevada

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The Chiropractic Physicians’ Board of Nevada (CPBN) assumes the vital responsibility of regulating the chiropractic profession within the state, overseeing both chiropractic doctors and assistants. However, prior to migrating to Thentia’s platform, CPBN faced a considerable challenge: while license renewals could be processed digitally, the entire license application procedure remained paper-based and manual. Consequently, CPBN’s staff endured time-consuming processes.

By migrating numerous regulatory processes to Thentia Cloud, the board has achieved outstanding outcomes. The time taken for approvals has undergone a dramatic reduction, diminishing from months to mere weeks or even days – representing an impressive 80-90X acceleration in the process. Moreover, this transition has resulted in substantial cost savings, particularly in technology expenses. These advancements have led to substantial process improvements, enabling CPBN to better serve licensees and enhancing its overall regulatory efficiency.

About the Chiropractic Physicians’ Board of Nevada

The Chiropractic Physicians’ Board of Nevada (CPBN) is responsible for regulating the chiropractic profession in Nevada. Its primary functions include licensing qualified individuals, enforcing standards and regulations, conducting investigations and disciplinary actions when necessary, establishing continuing education requirements, and protecting the public by ensuring chiropractic physicians adhere to ethical practices and provide safe care. CPBN plays a vital role in upholding professional standards, maintaining public trust, and promoting the effective practice of chiropractic medicine in the state.

An analogue approach results in sluggish license turnaround times

Paper-based applications the cause of process inefficiencies

Before transitioning to Thentia’s regulatory platform, CPBN’s previous solution lacked support for license applications, necessitating the cumbersome and inefficient practice of manual pen-and-paper completion. Consequently, the board suffered from sluggish license turnaround times and missed out on the opportunity to streamline and automate these processes.

According to CPBN Executive Director, Julie Strandberg, the board’s reliance on paper was extensive. The manual application process required license applicants to submit paper applications via mail, and incomplete forms often resulted in returning them to the applicants for revision. Strandberg recalls that paper applications would accumulate, awaiting the arrival of revised documents. And once a completed application was received, it had to be entered into the database manually. As Strandberg and her colleagues persisted in their efforts to sustain the previous system, they found themselves consistently resorting to suboptimal solutions and workarounds to address recurring issues.

Lack of vendor support proves to be problematic

CPBN faced persistent challenges with its previous solution frequently encountering system issues. Strandberg recalls the frustration board staff felt any time they needed to submit a ticket requesting assistance. “It took so much time to solve our issues,” she says, adding that system issues was one of the many reasons CPBN decided to investigate migrating to a new platform. Strandberg and her staff considered it of utmost importance for the board to identify a technology vendor that could promptly address their questions and concerns, minimizing any potential friction.

An overdue need for licensee self-service

One significant limitation of CPBN’s previous platform was its lack of functionality to offer licensees digital self-service capabilities, which would have significantly simplified the license application process, empowering licensees to independently manage their information and documentation and reduce the need for regulatory staff intervention and support. For CPBN, this underscored the critical importance of finding a solution that enabled such functionality.

As CPBN began evaluating a new regulatory platform to replace its current one, Strandberg says many lacked platform functionalities in comparison to Thentia. “One vendor we looked at didn’t have the ability to upload documents to certain parts of the application process, which is very important for our licensees, and for us.” And for a profession where renewals require proof of continuing education, Strandberg says that giving licensees the ability to simply log in and update their records was non-negotiable.

Thentia Cloud makes powerful
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Client Success
The Chiropractic Physicians’ Board of Nevada
How CPBN achieved an 80-90X acceleration in its speed-to-licensure capabilities and experienced remarkable improvements in the license application process with Thentia Cloud

Revitalizing CPBN: Streamlined processes made easy with Thentia

Thentia completely digitizes license applications and renewals

Strandberg and CPBN quickly realized the pressing need for a superior and streamlined approach to managing their regulatory processes, particularly the license application process. It was through a colleague from another Nevada board that Strandberg first learned about Thentia—a solution that enabled that board to successfully digitize their previously paper-based processes. The colleague’s endorsement of Thentia’s capabilities further fueled Strandberg’s interest in exploring the platform for CPBN’s needs.

“The main reason we wanted to migrate to a new solution was because we wanted to get away from all the paper,” Strandberg says. “We just wanted everything streamlined in one place, in the queue and ready to go. That’s what we get with Thentia. We love that, for example, there’s a module for tracking continuing education, and our staff can easily access those documents. It’s so nice to have all licensees’ documents in one place and easy to find,” she recalls.

CPBN has made significant progress by leveraging Thentia’s platform, transitioning the entirety of its license applications, renewals, and continuing education tracking into a fully online environment. Furthermore, this digital transformation extends to other regulatory processes, including licensee communications and reporting.

Built-in process efficiencies to better serve licensees

Strandberg also notes the major efficiencies Thentia’s Communication module has delivered to the board, giving staff the built-in ability to communicate with, and automate emails to, licensees from directly within the platform. The functionality of emailing from within Thentia Cloud is so simple and smooth and has made contacting licensees a quick and painless process,” she says, stating that prior to Thentia, email communications were all done manually and on a one-to-one basis. “We did not have a function similar to Thentia’s Comms module that enabled us to send automated emails,” she adds.

By eliminating the plethora of paper-based processes, Strandberg says CPBN has been able to approve some applications in as little as a single day, which, prior to Thentia, may have on some occasions taken months if an applicant was not responsive, or if their application was lost in the mail. Switching to Thentia has effectively sped up their speed to approval process by 80-90 times, on average.

A sophisticated ticketing system solves issues with ease

When it came to evaluating new vendors, it was important to CPBN that the new software included an easy-to-use ticketing system for customer support, and customer success managers who were helpful in expediently solving problems. “That’s what I love about Thentia,” says Strandberg, adding, “The ticketing system is so easy to use. We add in our screenshots, tell them where we’re having issues, and they figure it out.”

Strandberg explains that in situations where more information on the issue is required, Thentia’s customer support team is always there to walk through the process to solve the issue at hand. “The support team is so on top of it. Our urgent matters have always been dealt with in a timely manner.”

Self-service capabilities made easy for licensees

Since implementing Thentia, Strandberg has received glowing feedback from numerous licensees who have expressed their satisfaction with the platform. “People love having the ability to upload their continuing education documents whenever they want. The self-service part of our migration to Thentia has been hugely valuable,” says Strandberg, adding that licensees are now empowered to complete tasks independently, enhancing not only their experience with CPBN, but also better enabling board staff to swiftly complete tasks with much more ease.

An unmatched regulatory platform for board staff and licensees

Strandberg openly acknowledges the multitude of challenges CPBN confronted with their capabilities and processes prior to transitioning to Thentia. The board grappled with a completely paper-based application process, encountered obstacles with their renewal platform, and experienced a lack of technical support from their previous vendor. The need for improvements at CPBN had been long overdue. However, since adopting Thentia, CPBN has witnessed remarkable enhancements and efficiencies across their operations, benefiting both the staff and licensees alike.

“The streamlined processes thanks to Thentia’s platform have significantly accelerated our productivity, while the invaluable support from their team has been instrumental. Our work has undergone a remarkable improvement, and I am genuinely delighted with the outcomes achieved thus far, with even greater progress anticipated.”

Julie Strandberg, Executive Director

Chiropractic Physicians’ Board of Nevada


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