College of Chiropractors of Ontario

How Thentia revamped the College of Chiropractors’ licensing renewal process and reporting capabilities

Industry: HEALTH
Location: ONTARIO
No. of LICENSEES: +5,000

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The College of Chiropractors of Ontario manage over 5,000 licensees while facing rigorous regulatory reporting requirements. In 2017, the College sought to improve their license renewal process and reduce manual work. Ultimately, the system provided by Thentia has allowed the College to focus resources on more substantive tasks while achieving a 99% reduction in paper-based renewals.


About the College of Chiropractors of Ontario

As the governing body established by the Province of Ontario to regulate chiropractors in the public interest, the College of Chiropractors of Ontario (CCO) sets the requirements to be a chiropractor, establishes standards of safe and ethical chiropractic care, and enforces those standards and the conduct of chiropractors. With over 5,000 active members renewing their licenses annually and rigorous legal regulatory reporting requirements, implementing a robust and efficient regulatory platform had become imperative for the college. 


What was the incentive to move to Thentia Cloud?

In 2017, the College of Chiropractors of Ontario (CCO) was looking to replace its manual, paper-based renewal processes with a modern, digital, and secure solution. Like many licensing agencies, the need to eliminate timeconsuming and outmoded manual processes became critical. But CCO wasn’t looking for just any software provider – it required a vendor with a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory space. 


Thentia Cloud makes powerful
regulatory software to help you
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Challenges faced before moving to Thentia Cloud

Paper-based, manual processes 

Before implementing a cloud-based solution, CCO had become accustomed to preparing for its fall renewal season months in advance, considering that all aspects of the process had to be executed manually – from printing and mailing thousands of renewal notices and renewal forms, to manually processing payments, mailing receipts, and individually updating licensee records.


A need for licensee self-service functions 

CCO had a goal to offer more self-service functions for members, such as the ability to self-renew and update their information. Renewal periods increase the strain on staff resources, and meeting service levels required extraordinary effort due to the high volumes of paper renewals.


Requirement for organizational change management of the highest standard 

Like many licensing agencies, CCO had entrenched licensing management systems that had been in use for years and would be entering a new paradigm with the move to Thentia Cloud. Adopting a new online system would require change management on both the administrative side and with the member base. CCO were focused on creating a change process that would minimize internal disruption while ensuring member satisfaction and stakeholder approval. 


A need for a scalable, future-proof solution 

CCO acknowledged that achieving all their goals would require a phased approach. In the immediate term they wanted to address their license renewal process, however they anticipated other workflows would need to come online in later stages. Thus, the system needed to address not only the challenges of the current period, but also future goals around managing continuing education and other reporting requirements. 


“Thentia demonstrates wonderful communication and support … If you’re looking for a company that knows professional regulation and its many challenges, requirements and subtleties, then Thentia is a provider you should absolutely consider.”

Joel Friedman



CCO issued a request for proposal in 2016 when it began its search for an agency licensing software partner. Although CCO carefully reviewed several proposals from various technology vendors, Thentia stood out not only for its unmatchable product, but also for the team’s extensive regulatory expertise.  

It was critical that the agency partnered with a vendor that understood the many complex legal regulatory requirements, including those related to the public register and reporting requirements to government. They did not want to be faced with the time and resources required to educate a service provider about their various regulatory requirements – they needed a team of trusted experts with deep domain expertise. In addition, they were keen on working with a partner that handled all aspects of the project internally and wanted full pricing transparency. 

Aside from completely modernizing and automating its license renewal process, CCO also sought a method to seamlessly extract customized data reports – a task that proved to be very difficult and complicated with their existing system. 

  • Regulatory expertise 
  • Transparent pricing 
  • Full, in-house support 
  • Custom reports 

Results of implementing Thentia Cloud

CCO commenced its partnership with Thentia in January of 2017 with the goal of having the platform operational for the renewal period beginning October 2017. From the moment the project was initiated, Joel Friedman, Deputy Registrar, says Thentia’s team was exceptionally diligent, from the information-gathering phase and data-migration process to implementation and responsive ongoing technical support.  


1. On-time deployment 

As planned, CCO’s regulatory licensing renewal platform was up and running on Thentia Cloud according to their original target go-live date. “It was a pretty seamless process, due largely to Thentia’s comprehensive understanding of the regulatory space and our complex requirements,” says Friedman. 


2. 99% reduction in paper-based renewal 

“We moved from a system of 5,000 individuals mailing in forms and cheques with staff having to manually input all of the information, over to the vast majority of our members using Thentia Cloud to renew their licenses,” Friedman says. Now only about 50 of 5,000 renewals come in through traditional mail. 


3. Reduced time spent on manual tasks 

“Every renewal period required us to print thousands of documents, stuff envelopes, and mail notices, renewal forms, and receipts. Now we can seamlessly do all these tasks digitally,” Friedman says, adding that the process continues to improve with each renewal period. “Thentia has been a complete game changer for us.” 


4. Greater ease and efficiency in reporting 

Regulatory agencies like CCO are mandated to meet various reporting requirements that often change year to year. Thentia Cloud enables reports to be sent to the government health databases without the hours of effort spent manually extracting data, which was the case previously. “The ability to export a variety of customized datasets quickly and efficiently has saved us an exceptional amount of time and stress,” reports Friedman.


5. The ability to focus on more substantive issues 

What CCO values most in its partnership with Thentia is the first-class, end-to-end support it received during the implementation process and still receives years after deployment. With speedy responses and hands-on support, Friedman says he and his team can spend less time on clerical tasks and more time on substantive issues.  


Last updated: October 2022


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