Oklahoma State Board of Osteopathic Examiners

How OSBOE used Thentia Cloud to modernize its slow and outdated licensing renewal process


Industry: HEALTH
Location: OKLAHOMA
No. of LICENSEES: 3,500

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When the Oklahoma State Board of Osteopathic Examiners (OSBOE) deployed Thentia Cloud as its first end-to-end digital licensing software solution in late 2019, the state-run agency immediately realized a multitude of valuable benefits – not only for its agile team of staff but importantly for its thousands of existing users and new applicants. 

Like many professional licensing organizations, OSBOE had become accustomed to countless manual and tedious tasks related to licensing applications and renewals that cost both the agency’s staff and licensees no shortage of time.

But despite multiple change requests over the last several years, OSBOE continued to operate on an archaic renewal-only system implemented more than a decade prior, notwithstanding an obvious need to digitize and streamline its processes.  

With a long history as the agency responsible for overseeing osteopathic medicine licensing applicants as well as the adoption of regulations related to the profession, OSBOE was in search of a technology partner with a deep understanding of regulatory licensing to modernize all aspects of its operations beyond just licensing renewals. 

A clunky, hard-to-navigate license renewal platform that cost staff and users valuable time

Like many licensing agencies, OSBOE experienced several challenges and pain points before implementing Thentia Cloud, an end-to-end solution to manage all functions captured under the agency’s mandate. But one of its most burdensome challenges that came with its old platform was the sheer amount of time required by staff and licensees for renewals and more importantly, new license registration.  

According to Executive Director, Michael Leake, staff routinely spent many hours helping licensees maneuver a complicated, outdated renewal platform that lacked user friendliness. Staff members often fielded phone calls from disgruntled licensees who struggled to navigate the process and needed one-to-one support and guidance. In addition, because the 24-page license application process for new licensees was done completely manually, it often took upwards of multiple weeks to complete given incomplete forms, personal phone calls to applicants requesting forms to be resubmitted, and mail delivery delays. Adding to the frustration were steep overnight shipping costs incurred by applicants in hopes of expediting the process.  

Aside from a lack of automation and user friendliness, its former platform also suffered from an overall dearth of functionality. Staff experienced limitations when it came to data extractions, nor could any other function of the business – including managing its complaint and investigation process or overseeing licensee continuing education requirements – be done digitally within a single sophisticated product, much less one designed exclusively for regulatory licensing agencies.

Thentia Cloud makes powerful
regulatory software to help you
manage your board. Learn more


of renewals are now processed digitally through Thentia Cloud


of applications are now processed digitally through Thentia Cloud


reduction in processing time of applications

NUMber of hours saved

hours  previously spent on manual processes saved per month

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OSBOE’s outdated licensing platform lacked user-friendliness and the functionality needed to process new applications, manage complaints and investigations, and extract data – taking up an excessive amount of staff time and leading to long application processing times for applicants.


Thentia Cloud fully automated processes for applications, investigations and complaints, and continuing education requirements, and resolved issues licensees had with the renewal portal, freeing up valuable staff time and drastically reducing the time it takes to process new applications.

Results since launching Thentia Cloud in December 2020:

  • 100% of licensee renewals and new applications completed online through Thentia Cloud
  • $5,000-10,000 in manual license processing costs eliminated
  • 50% reduction in processing time of applications
  • 5-10 hours of staff time previously spent on manual applications saved per month
  • 2% reduction in late/outstanding renewals


A leading industry vendor and first-class client service

At the time OSBOE was engaging with technology vendors for the project, Thentia was not yet named the Oklahoma state-supported licensing software provider. With some reservations around the recommended vendor and its technology’s capabilities, Leake was committed to finding an alternative, more sophisticated regulatory software provider that met the agency’s requirements and visions for the future.  

Leake says Thentia Cloud became an obvious first choice within minutes of the initial product demonstration. “After we saw the many integrated features Thentia Cloud offered, we knew this platform would be far and away better than anything else considered.” And much like many agencies who operate on a lean staff with limited resources, finding a trusted and industry-leading vendor that could confidently lead the entire process from start to finish was vital. It needed a partner that understood the ecosystem and could build a product customized to OSBOE’s specific set of needs. 

An efficient, streamlined renewal process with seamless integrations and enhanced functionality

When reflecting upon the benefits to OSBOE since going live with Thentia Cloud, Leake says there is a multitude of improvements that have been made to the business. One of the most notable is the user-friendliness of the platform, which he says is easy to navigate and has tremendously cut down on staff time required to field support calls. In addition, unlike its former platform, Thentia Cloud offers enhanced security but doesn’t require frequently updated licensee passwords, aiding in the overall likeability of the product among users. 

Since implementing Thentia Cloud, OSBOE has streamlined its interactions with each of its 3,500 active licensees and growing number of applicants each year. What once involved dozens of paper documents and mail delays can now be done seamlessly online in a matter of seconds, saving an abundance of time for both OSBOE staff as well as licensees. Thentia Cloud has also centralized and automated various other activities, including automating the initial application process, managing complaints and investigations, and overseeing licensee continuing education requirements. 

Leake also reports a tremendous amount of value in the many seamless integrations with the platform, particularly with payment processing which has eliminated the large number of paper checks that were once mailed in. As a result, staff can efficiently produce extra reports for invoiced items, payments taken, and more, which has helped the agency increase transparency and streamline reporting. 

With balls in the air, Leake says OSBOE is beyond pleased it has been able to recoup time from overseeing clerical, manual tasks, and fielding support queries to focus on more meaningful assignments that better serve the public interest.  

“We’ve ultimately seen a 180-degree improvement from where we were before Thentia Cloud. There genuinely is no comparison,” Leake says. “When talking about our experience with Thentia Cloud, we only have wonderful things to say. We routinely share our story and provide demonstrations with other state agencies to tell them how pleased we are with not only our experience, but the transformation the product has delivered to our licensees and the State of Oklahoma.” 

“Thentia’s team wowed us from the moment we signed our contract with them through to product deployment. They demonstrated an unparalleled knowledge of the regulatory landscape which resulted in their ability to completely customize a solution for our unique requirements,” Leake says. “They explained everything to us in a way that made sense and that we could understand. We can’t speak highly enough of everyone we worked with at Thentia.” 

“Thentia’s team wowed us from the moment we signed our contract with them through to product deployment. They demonstrated an unparalleled knowledge of the regulatory landscape which resulted in their ability to completely customize a solution for our unique requirements.”

Michael Leake

Executive Director, OSBOE

The first-class client service did not end after deployment either, Leake explains. Even months after their Thentia Cloud go-live date, all requests or bugs are swiftly addressed through Thentia’s robust and easy-to-use ticketing system. “We received no shortage of direct and actionable one-to-one support throughout the entire process and continue to receive that same level of support today. It would absolutely not have been as smooth of a transition if it weren’t for Thentia’s team and their commitment and expertise,” Leake says. 

Last updated: September 2021


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